July 23, 2015

Eid Mubarak 1436 H

Eidul Fitri always bring happiness atmosphere for me and family. This year we also got high quality of Holy-days. We got normally 6 days off from office. We decided to spend the first date of Syawal with my family first.

Days-1. Since we got a new member in our big family, Enzo. We took a family photo session to update our previous family photos. Haha…

Day-2. We spend next day with aunt and uncle on my father hometown, went to graveyard to visit my grandpa’s and ancestors grave is become routine ritual on those Big Day. Though we pray for them every day but on special occasion we visit their graves just to show that we care about them and introduce to new family from whom we began. Sometimes, those session remind me of nostalgic memories and remind us about death in order to we always remember to do the best for our next destination.

Day-3. Since our cousins from Jakarta came here, we asked them to visit amusement park near our home. Yah, it is the nearest and we so so so frequent went there. Especially on Eid, we go there annually hahaha
We’re so lucky, this year that place has a new ride games.
Beside, scenery, phototherapy, the most I love about going with the whole family is laughing together and it will improve family bonding of course.

Day-4. Enzo and I went to friend of mine home than talk about nostalgic memories in small group high school reunite haha. All of the guest have a kid. Yah, very lovable we do mama thingy and after all kiddies took a nap, Mamas have the gossips time, so much FUN. We want frequent time for this, but it might only happens once a year :’)

Day-5. We went to relatives houses to visit and sillaturahmi as a part of Eid.the we close that day with eat Satay. Hahahha Im craving for that cuisine since Ramadhan

Day-6. We prepared about back to work on next day. Nursing Enzo full a day always very interesting and love the way he possessive with me on those holy-day. Sometime I wonder if he realize that he have to possessive when ibu stay at home all day long, so cute …

I believe that your holiday and Eid also special pals.
At the end May I ask so much apologize for any sins and mistakes for me and family.
Minal Aidzin wal faidzin
Happy Eid Mubarak 1436 H

Until we meet Ramadhan next year J

PS: Apologize me for gigantic post teehee :)

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