August 25, 2016

Swiss Belinn Tunjungan - Surabaya for a night

google pict

google pict.

I just back from my business trip yesterday, this trip was special because it held on Surabaya...
Oh that city, Ive been spent almost 4 years there and that city was so memorable...
Since nowadays, Surabaya has touched up by new government so that became prettier and nicer for citizen.

For my two days business trip, I have to stay a night at hotel then I choosed Swiss Belinn Tunjungan which is located in front of Tunjungan Plaza absolutely yes, if you know whats my plan. hahaha...
The room and bathroom was nice and quite large for single traveler, of course its clean due to this hotel just open several month ago. 
Similiar with another three star hotel, it has simple and modern interior. Most of rooms is faced to outside so each room has a wide open windows so its like looking a big landscape of Surabaya from inside, so beautiful.

In the morning, I had my breakkie with a crowded of guest there, the menus just usual like another. and its restaurant isn't large for occupied all guest. If you're not in a tight schedule, just take your breakfast at 9 o'clock.
For the staff, I give 8 from 10, yaa they are very friendly and good services.
I direct book from the hotel so the rate was IDR 750k, if you want any discount and promo, please book from mobile online booking sites.

I was missed to swim there though from website the pool looks so interesting. So this is a recommended hotel at Surabaya, I never hesitate to visit there again :)

August 12, 2016

Greenhost Boutique and Grand Zuri Malioboro Hotel Jogjakarta

Hello people,

So long pause for not posting here, just in case this will be a nice information for you I would like to share my experience for spending night and days there.
So happy because last month I had a business trip to Jogja, as I told it is a nostalgic city and it is located not so far from my hometown. So I can went there by bus. Just to minimize the budget hihihi.

So it is the right opportunity to bring enzo along those business trip. a big yay for this mother.
I also take my sister and brother there for taking care Enzo while I have to do some business things.

Greenhost Boutique Hotel Prawirotaman

One of social media hits hotel nowadays, so I have to spend there to enjoy the experience of simple, natural, green, and industrial-modern of interior and ambiance. It has a greenhouse at roof and a lot of hydroponic garden beneath a large glass roof, hydroponic vertical garden around the balcony for each floors. The nice lobby and exterior also describe their name as Greenhost. We also able to enjoy a nice pool and fitness centre there, its located near lobby and restaurant. So photogenic place. 

At the room, this hotel green vibes also can be seen by its furniture material which made from recycle wood and hotel soap is natural and handmade, sandals are better than another hotel. The room also a quite large, so this little toddler among us can run here and there.

Its located at Prawirotaman street which is known as Jalan Bule, a lot of foreigner stayed there, so it must be a lot of food, cafe, and nice scenery along those streets. But dont worry the price is also friendly for domestic tourist or budget tourist like me. :D 

For the breakfast menu, in my opinion various but nothing special. The friendly staff, the room, and the scenery just was 8.5 from ten lah, and at that time the rate only IDR 654 k. So recommended. 

May I visit there again with bapak instead? aamiin

Grand Zuri Malioboro Hotel

We have to left from Greenhost hotel due to my meeting was held at Grand Zuri. We stayed at Grand Zuri for two night. Having breakfast and dinner there was so help us to save money for shopping. haha...

For the room, we spend at superior room so it quite large for the fourth of us. bathroom also nice and hairdryer is set up there. We can enjoy fitness and swimming at the third floor. The pool was also special with glass wall so we can take underwater photos looks like. haha..

It was located so near with Tugu-train station , Malioboro street, Tugu statue of Jogja. Yap located at centre town so ease us to access wherever we want to. 

For the rate at first night I book online by Online travel agen for IDR 750 k and the second night I book directly to hotel and paid IDR 850 k for the same room.

Oh ya, for the coincidence Grand Zuri celebrate its anniversary at 25th of July. Just in case you want to travel at that date and get special promos.

Two nice hotel to spend with family. Just try fellas :) 

April 29, 2016

Ibis Trans Studio Hotel Bandung experience

Last week I had to assign a meeting at Bandung, again. I was glad but another city please heheee. That was my third meeting there, as a mention at other post I loved to explore hotel during business trip because that was the only way to heal my broken hearted separated from Enzo and hubby.

I choose Ibis trans studio over other because its location, It located so near with Trans Studio Mall, Trans Studio amusement park, besides you can find Trans Luxury Hotel at this cluster. Ibis was the budget hotel one right there. Since you know meeting which I attended was always till late, so it should be better if my hotel location near shopping centre, sometime shopping is a cure for this mama *pardon me hubby*.

I stay there for a night, at Thursday night. Due to it was almost weekend, the hotel had been so crowded. A lot of students groups, workers, etc. I had late checked in in 20.00 pm so I got smoking room at 20 floor, oh God. The room was so usual and rather small. I had a "zonk" again after when I want to use water heater to make a tea in the morning, the heater was dusty and I had to spoil a bottle of water due to I noticed that after I poured it into heater, heuheuheu
At bathroom you cant find, toothpaste and tooth brush but don't worry you may buy from minimarket located near hotel, the shower also so low rate of water and the water temperature wasn't easy to adjust.

After get prepared and ready to attend second day meeting, I down to restaurant to have breakfast. Wow, that was so crooowwdd, I wasnt taste all of the menus due to i wasn't in a good mood for eat.

After all, I don't recommend that hotel for finding a comfort and silent serenity or for hotel hoping. But for visitor who only stay there only for sleep, it has a very strategic location. Oh ya, that rate was IDR 838K.

Okay, happy finding hotel traveller :)

April 27, 2016

First long haul by car trip with toddler

Related to my previous post, heresome stories and tips about long haul land trip with toddler.

At 9 pm, My mother in law told husband and I that she would go there on family purpose. Yes, of course i was in when my husband said his count in. So after very quick preparation we went on early morning due to have to wait my sister came from surabaya at 12 pm. We went on 2.00 o'clock in the early morning. This little kid also so much exited i guess, he woke up at 10 pm and just back to sleep after we are in the car.

So here I brought for long haul car trip for tod :

1. Pillow, Mattress, or Carseat.
I prefer brougt mattress and pillow rater than carseat due to this boy prefer to. He prefer to sleep in front of me then he can nursed all the time he want to.

But just go along with your car seat if your kid love to sit beside his mama, its just OK.

Besides, mattres can be more flexible during "day" trip when my baby boy didn't sleep, it can be folded and not so spacy like car seat.

2. Daily Bag and Suitcase
I brought alot of bapak-ibu-enzo stuff though it was short trip. Just in case enzo got a carsick (but thank Alloh, he wasn't), his nappy, bath needs, cutlery, snack and milkies. Also a lot of tees for hubby who love to  changing cloth frequently. I put all in our big suitcase.

Remember that kiddo can have poop or pee all the time, I brought my daily bag just for enzo nappy, soap, powder, and telon oil also his carrier. Carrier used when its come to nap/ sleep time but we still visit a place.

3. Toys, Tablet, and Nursing
Tantrum during long haul trip (especially) is often happen due to he was in the boredom, so Ibu and family must be creative to "entertain" him to make fun activity like sing together, play with toys, screen time with tablet, and of course nursing. Thanks Alloh this breastfeeding always work to calm this boy and so do I of course.

4. Swimsuit
Since we plan to sleepover to hotel with a pool inside, of course because all of our family member love to swim. And also this toddler. I brought him several swimsuit. I just pray alot due to he just recover from selesma. And thanks Alloh again, he's healthy and happy. His big appetite during those vacation also made this mama so happy. 

For me and husband of course, make him and whole family happy is our goals. So, Alhamdulillah wasyukurillah Alloh make it easy, smooth, and all the tiredness can be paid by happiness. Husband and I also need some sweet escape just to freshen so we can go back to work on new mood. 

Another trip again husband?, please :)

Gallery Prawirotaman Hotel - Jogjakarta experince

Two weeks ago, I just back for short trip and sudden tally trip to Jogjakarta, but I ecstatically to share pictures and story there. Since, I always fall in with Jogja, a homey ambiance in big city. Always lovely.

As our plan to to jogja was so suddentally at weekend, of course we rather hard to book hotel, then finally from travel website, we (me) decided to book Galeri Prawirotaman hotel which has good rating and low budget, at that time we only got rate IDR 580K/room each night.

It's located near Prawirotaman road, which is known as the road of lodge and tourism. Since we use private car so we can reach anywhere though its place not so near with city centre, I mean Malioboro or Tugu.

We checked in on 16.00 am, and we were so tired 'cause we didnt meet bed for mmm probably 16 hrs, hoamh. We're all in deep sleepiness, except Enzo. you may know that toddler had no energy limitation. And the point is we're so satisfy with this hotel at the first sight, a nice exterior, clean and green. We were in the lobby to do some administration thingy and hubby just asked "how much that rate" haha. That hotel not to large but had a luxury look.

At afternoon we want to swim but unfortunately it was rain outside, so just cuddle at bed, took a bath, and ready to go outside to find dinner. Hubby who took almost 3.5 years there was so missed his campus at much, his nostalgic place. Me also of course. That memories always success to touch myself. So we found dinner place located near UGM.

In the morning, we got up early to swim and we wont miss delicious breakfast of course. As a traveler we  always want to optimize to try all of breakfast menu, teehee. And all menus  was satisfy us and Enzo too. He ate much that time yay!.

And then we went home at 10.00 am just to make sure we arrived not too late due to tomorrow was monday. 

Ya, tho it was short stay but this hotel is worth to have weekend well spent.