April 27, 2016

First long haul by car trip with toddler

Related to my previous post, heresome stories and tips about long haul land trip with toddler.

At 9 pm, My mother in law told husband and I that she would go there on family purpose. Yes, of course i was in when my husband said his count in. So after very quick preparation we went on early morning due to have to wait my sister came from surabaya at 12 pm. We went on 2.00 o'clock in the early morning. This little kid also so much exited i guess, he woke up at 10 pm and just back to sleep after we are in the car.

So here I brought for long haul car trip for tod :

1. Pillow, Mattress, or Carseat.
I prefer brougt mattress and pillow rater than carseat due to this boy prefer to. He prefer to sleep in front of me then he can nursed all the time he want to.

But just go along with your car seat if your kid love to sit beside his mama, its just OK.

Besides, mattres can be more flexible during "day" trip when my baby boy didn't sleep, it can be folded and not so spacy like car seat.

2. Daily Bag and Suitcase
I brought alot of bapak-ibu-enzo stuff though it was short trip. Just in case enzo got a carsick (but thank Alloh, he wasn't), his nappy, bath needs, cutlery, snack and milkies. Also a lot of tees for hubby who love to  changing cloth frequently. I put all in our big suitcase.

Remember that kiddo can have poop or pee all the time, I brought my daily bag just for enzo nappy, soap, powder, and telon oil also his carrier. Carrier used when its come to nap/ sleep time but we still visit a place.

3. Toys, Tablet, and Nursing
Tantrum during long haul trip (especially) is often happen due to he was in the boredom, so Ibu and family must be creative to "entertain" him to make fun activity like sing together, play with toys, screen time with tablet, and of course nursing. Thanks Alloh this breastfeeding always work to calm this boy and so do I of course.

4. Swimsuit
Since we plan to sleepover to hotel with a pool inside, of course because all of our family member love to swim. And also this toddler. I brought him several swimsuit. I just pray alot due to he just recover from selesma. And thanks Alloh again, he's healthy and happy. His big appetite during those vacation also made this mama so happy. 

For me and husband of course, make him and whole family happy is our goals. So, Alhamdulillah wasyukurillah Alloh make it easy, smooth, and all the tiredness can be paid by happiness. Husband and I also need some sweet escape just to freshen so we can go back to work on new mood. 

Another trip again husband?, please :)

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