January 21, 2014

Girls Day's Out

Allow me said that : Friendship is a treasure.

As several times ago we heard that one of our girl accepted in one of biggest Oil Refining Company in Indonesia. mmm, not so surprising news, cause we already knew that she deserved it. She is clever, kind, and many more. She named Rachma but we usually call her bubu *panggilan sayang* .

First of all, We made an appointment to meet up at Grand city, I met Winy at first chance, she was may soulmate during college *kalo sampe nanti mungkin dia yg ga mau :D* . After not so long time, we met Riri. Nah, I asked to Riri to take a photo in IPASKA exhibition at ground floor. Alahmdulillah, se was enthusiastic like me. haha..
We was listed at children queue to take photo at Pasukan Katak Tank. Here is the one...

Second destination was FOOD COURT. Yah, Winy the on who suffered acute hunger had already sputter since we just arrived at that place. hahaha *piss*
Hmm, as per our intention to be a mall - traveler *halah*, we decided to choose cozy place for lunch time. *pokonya lucu* *GIRLS*. Then we found PIQUE NIQUE . Untill now, we still curious about how to "pronounce" this name. We didnt forget to take a pose at that place. *unyu unyu kan? :D*.

Short review for that restaurant : For pasta lovers I thought it was nice place, reasonable price, fresh food. But in my tongue it fell lil bit salty :s. Here's food appearance...

Okay, Lets flash back for a while. At ground floor, we found "pepper frame", the only one photo studio at that Mall. Chinese Lunar New Year become one of our favorite background/theme. Me, winy and Riri decided we would take photo there after all our member complete.

Finnaly we arrived at Pepper Frame *spicing ur moment*. We spent 1.5 hours at that place, to take 4 photo sheets. how comeee --__-- 
And here is the result.

It was nice, wasnt it?
For overall, decoration and other attribute are lovable, update, new. Photographers is good and patient *ini penting*. Nah, the photo result also Marvelous *lebay*. It also great idea if you want to celebrate any occasion like birthday, take prewedding photo, etc at that place. Friendly staffs will be  ready to serve you... *Sotoy*. It may conclude that place is NICE.

Then we went to foodcourt to find free chairs and sharing any matters haha yes! We're all just like hum bird. We took Maghrib prayer before going home. 
After all, the goodbye scene in front of BII atm. Me, winy, riri went to same direction. and Bubu went to her home by motorcycle.
Alhamdulillah we came home safely. Hope we'll meet again sooner.
Be succeed, see u on the top gals.

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