January 20, 2014

What does future's bring?


This post may contains some dramatic story. Hahaha...
Sometimes life went beyond our expectation. Yeah, but it makes human remember their "fitrah".
In my opinion we start from nothing and in the end we still have nothing. All we have is a gift, a gift from the One who love we most.

At bad situation, sometimes we have to force ourselves to lose something we affraid to *apadeh* *lama lama nangis* hehehe..

Okay, few months ago, my desire to continue my study until master degree was on fire. After several time ago, a planning to apply magister manajemen teknologi cancelled. *not cancelled yet maybe we can say postponed*. 

Nah, to fulfil the hunger of competition *tsaah*. i followed one of employees recruitment test. 
It began with I heard news from a friend about career opportunity in one of Biggest Petrochemical Plant. After several recruitment, it was first time those company looked for woman - chemical engineer. ME, who *merasa* appropriate, took that chance without any deliberation *budhal tok*. Yah, i was advance in jobseeker *secara lama nganggur :p* 

Then, several times later....
test id

I went to pascasarjana to follow first selection. Before test, HRD manager of those company explain about benefits which we would got if we passed.

Yeah! One of them is MASTER DEGREE OFFERED!
Every 3rd year employees have a chance to take scholarship to study ABROAD! *ngiler*. Regarding any benefit I convinced myself " it must be God signs" *ngarep* and used to believe it will be the way how to make my dreams came true :')
*okay saya niat*

Bla bla bla, then it's time to have medical check up and user interview. During those session, I met up with classmate. 

Me with Risa Puri
Me with K49

Hmm, several weeks later, i got a message about next selection. Yah i was going to continue selection session until director interview. Those interview was the last session of that recruitmen. Yah, as a human, may I say "i've already hung my expectation high up up up in the sky" *lebay* . Then the result was NO. Did I sad? BIG YES!

I tried to remember myself and throwback "why did I follow those recruitment?" Yah LilLahi ta'ala. But, ikhlas is not so that easy huaaaa...

Then, I let myself to see everything that i've been given. Yah, actually I didnt lose anything. Even I never worked there and why should I frustated?. Working at my current company isnt worst. Hmm, I forgot to say Alhamdulillah.

Yah, God have thousands, millions way to allow me or give me a chance for continuing my study. Its not a big deal. I believe someday, I will. Beyond my imagination and power because Alloh SWT does.

I followed those selection due to the way given and the most important is I wish everything I did, wasnt turn into vain. I went to gresik must be on a purpose. Someday any efforts which failed will be pay off with a smile of succed.

Even if I never been take master degree in my life, I still grateful due to any effort will be pay off with God's mercy or Jannah. Allohumma amiin. *semoga*

As human, I may try, pray to achieve what we want in a good way and sincerely concede the result to the One who have any matters of this universe. *moga moga bisa* *masih suka ngomong tok*

I hope someday I will write about my study in the country of strangers :))

The end..

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