January 29, 2014


Based on title above, you must be wondering about what I'm going to write here... *pede*

Yeah, this is about SPA. 
On my marriage plan several time ago, finally last monday I took spa preparation.
For the first time I try to take treatment at Putri Beauty Centre.

From the appearance, the place was nice. Yes it does. With a massive Javanese touch *halah*.
I took prewedding package, which is consist of massage, scrubbing, hot stone treatment, facial, creambath, mani-pedi cure, and ratus. Yah, that day I fell like one day as queen qiqiqiqi. 

For me, after took a hurry wedding preparation and lotta work load *cieeh* that treatment are really soooootthhh me :D *oke lebay*. Nah, the therapist was much. Every therapist has their own specialization.
Okay, at massage session I met with Ms Eka, she's 21 yo. She took part time Job there and now she is student at Law Faculty in Unang Tuban. She's not really powerful but for me it was enough. hahaha.. We took alot of our conversation and shared bout our own spouse *serius dia seneng curhat*
At that room, I took masage, scrubbing, hot stone treatment, and ratus. Yah, due to prevent s*xual abuse restriction, I only took about the room scenery *hehehe*.

After all complete, I took a bath and took dhuhur prayer there. 
Next treatment is Whitening Facial. Hmm, in my opinion facial treatment at PBC is better than another else. At the end of facial, we got anti-irritation creme *serius bukan ngiklan*. My face is really friendly after took those treatment. Whereas I've been worried about blemish effect after facial *happy*

Finnaly, two of last treatment were creambath and mani-pedi. Review for last treatment was so usual hehe but maybe reasonable with it price. After getting fresh in massage room, maybe I became more calm in another room.

Overall PBC is one of nice place to spend your ME TIME, every month we will find promo there *yayy*. Okay, lets see what next promo.

mmm, for the last I hope I'll get the ultimate result from any treatment there and lookslike a day princess on my special day hihihi.

See ya :D

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