February 12, 2014

Short Escape to Batu - Malang

Sounds like it was our (first) honeymoon...
Due to we took really short leave from office, and a week after our wedding, a far nephews and neighbor from big man will get married too. In Java culture that ba'da Maulud month must be like *musim kawin* hahaha...

Yah, since big man longer his holiday due to any good news that he got promoted and *probably* mutation policy from his recent location to Tuban *Amiin* *ngarep*
Finally we decide to take short escape to Batu-Malang. But we wont miss anything so we plan *bit* seriously bout it. 

First of all, we find out where to sleepover  at batu. Yah we found the batu villas, a guesthouse with villa concept with cozy interior

My favorite is a fish pool with high pillar and semi-outdoor scenery. We choose a room with balcony. Big man choosed that to accomodate his smoking habit zzz, fortunately this balcon direct facing Arjuna mount *kalogasalah* what a beauty scenery it was!. 

Price was so friendly but not include breakfast, hmmm

After took maghrib pray, we decide to go to BNS, before take any playground *wahanagitudehya* we fulfill our tummies in Rumah Sosis Bandung ulala~
A nice scenery...

We ate sup buntut goreng dan rebus the place was nice. Really suitable if you want to have a romantic dinner. Not so romantic there due to it was 21 degC brrr

Then we continue our romadventure to BNS *halah*

We took some nice picture there, thanks to tripod and hubby camera and his nice aestetic sense of photography. <3 <3 <3

Before going Back to hotels we visited the legend of ketan in the corner of alun alun batu, dunno why that place was full of hunger people of ketan. for me, its nice place, I ate ketan susu keju, and hubby ketan susu keju misis, after all we going to bed then story for day 1st ended :)

The next day,
We visited eco green park and jatim park 2. We didnt forget to take any take picture there

Isnt romantic right? Hehe...

We decided to find another hotel at Malang, from tripadvisory we find Merbabu guest house, they said it was guest house with 3star class hotel.
It located near Ijen road one of big street on Malang.

Here's the appearance

We checked in there on 17.00 on the afternoon, after took ashar prayer we got afternoon snack, hmm...

After took a bath, we find cozy place for dinner. Near the hotel there are several cozy cafe, Monopoly, de' Pans : Special Pancake and Waffle, and Ikan Bakar Cianjur, then we choosed de' Pans.

Yah, Thanks God we got ramantic place, the place was nice, not so crowded, with jazzy music played all night long. The indoor interior is unique, but Big man choose outdoor table *Surely*

*this picture is taken from here, unfortunately I forgot to take picture for its appearance*

Big man ordered pancake and hot choco hazelnut, and me order black pepper beef and iced tea-strawberry *harusnasi*. And, the price is so friendly :D

After our tummies fulled, we went back to hotel and the story for days #2 ended.

In the morning, we got a call from Big man papa to go home soon, due to in the afternoon we should help our relatives to prepare his wedding. We prepare our luggage then took our free breakfast there hehehe

Yah, Merbabu guest house is recommended place to stay overnight, even we stay oinly for one night we met 2 couples of foreign tourist loohh ...
International quality guest house and services with very affordable price. I write it for sure not for sponsor *suer*.

Then bubye Batu-Malang, until we meet again :D

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