February 15, 2014

The First of February of 14

You may see on label that day was full of love ... *hehehe*

Yah, it was my weeding day. a new chapter in my life.
Me, 24 yo married a man which has same age with me. He's my classmate since in junior high school.

Personally, we're totally different! He is a man with good posture *sekarang menggendut sih :/*
and me, is so petite. An 24 yo woman who trapped in junior highschool body :''). He interested much in music and sport but me nothing in both of its. Fortunately, I can swim *only* and sing *maksajuga* hahaha. He was economician and me studied engineering in college. Now, he is a banker and me *work as* engineer. Different family, childhood background but the most important is our similarity is we intend to spend live together *tsaah*.

Nah, in the middle of our job business *soksibuk*, we prepare our own wedding. As a girl, I'm sure every girls have their dreams wedding :). Actually preparing is not that simple. Wedding is about accommodate all pretension, from family, vendor, bride-groom wanna be, and BUDGET!.

At the first time, we decide to make invitation list. The lessons is how to determine who are the priority. The problem was, more you invite more budget you must spend! *fiuh*.
Getting done with the list, we search for the invitation model. in the small city as Tuban, that thing was not simple, we have to find antimainstream but elegant design. And finnally we got our favorite with affordable price, we got thankyou greeting cards as bonus *hooray*.

To minimize budget, I decide to make only one bride gown, I make one gown for akad ceremony and for wedding celebration I choose to rent a gown. Nah, I ever underestimate with Tuban, I was affraid there is no update bride-groom model in Tuban *sok*. Then mother in law wanna be *dulu*, gave me a suggestion to take a look in Salon Hapsari and guest what, I found the "bludru gown" yaay. In the last minute before the-day, they suggest new background decoration, with additional charge but I loved it much! Totally there's no doubt to choose that wedding beauty shop *actually dunno what they called rias pengantin in english* :p

Family and besties uniform, after got the "bludru gown" colored dark green, than the wedding party theme is go green. Then we goes to wholesale fabric in another town, and we got pretty satin and lace fabric for family with so so so friendly price *yaaayy*

Then souvenirs, that things was our priority, in our aim to give best service for guest in our wedding party. Then we choose a handmade purse with customize motive, the motive was a couple of a woman wearing veil and a man with his camera hanging in his neck because both of us has agree not to give our initial in our souvenir.

Decoration and catering, for it there's no any compromise we choose the best one in Tuban with best menu *in our opinion*. Then the result we so satisfy with the decoration and food. Any opinion from guest also positives, Alhamdulillah :))

The last is photo and videography, Thanking you so much for D'best photography community who taking care of our wedding since prewed and wedding party with free of charge!

And that day was coming...
Finnaly, what we plan, organize, and execute was passed with all satisfactions, the party, the ceremony, and  I'm so happy become a wife now, a wife for the one I knew since I was kid. Thank you so much for our parents who give all material and spiritual for our weeding, our brothers and sisters, family, relative, friends, vendors, for all support, gifts, prayers and all those who can not be mentioned one by one

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