February 17, 2014

easy cooking: Fish Fillet asam manis Souce

Please welcome my first post bout cooking and also first signature dish after marriage,
I think its necessary to you to know the background why finally I got an honour to cook in my new family. *sokpenting* :p

Since I have a great home chef, my mother in law. What a chef!
As a new comer at their house, I fell in love for her food at the first swallow *halah*, but its true :D
Then, at that time, she went to sarangan with sister and brother, so I must be responsible for fulling tummies of Father in law, hubby, and two nieces. Holy craaappp

After take hubby to bus station, because that day he have to go training at another town. I decided to shop for vegetables. With Fish I got from my mother *ibukandung* , I have an idea to make fish fillet.

And this is it ...

Fish Fillet - Asam Manis Sauce

looks yummy :9

Ingredient :
1 1/2 pounds Dorang/ Other fish fillets
100 gr Sajik* seasoned flour
1 glass of cooking oil
2 slice celery for finishing touch

1 grain of onion
7 grains of shallot
3 grains of garlic
10 tablespoon of tomato sauce
5 tablespoon of chilli sauce
3 table spoon maizena flour
a glass of water *basedonurappetite*
1 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of pepper

Preparation :
For the fillets
Mix fish fillet which had been washed with seasoned flour, then fry until colored browny gold.
To minimize calories and healthier cooking style, please bake the fillets.but I dont due to limited cooking appliances  hiks :s

For the sauce
stir-fry all kind of seasoning, then after all onions seems witted and smell nice, please put tomato sauce and chilli sauce until evaporate *engineervocab :p*
Put water, then add all salt pepper and sugar according ur tasting scenes *halah* hehehe...

The result is good, Alhamdulillah...
Please try at home hehehe...

easy cooking recipes for a newbie wife or cooker

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