February 26, 2014

Easy cooking: Chocolava Cake


Seems so long i dont post yet. Finally this weekend I try a new recipe of *nge-hits* cake or exactly a kind of dessert.

Refer to a bestie blog, she shared the antigagal recipe for chocolava cake.

Here it is...

Ingredients :

150 gr of wheat flours
3 grains of eggs
3 grains of yolks
65 gr refined sugar
150 gr of chocolate bars
150 gr of melted butter
Cheese and fresh/ canned fruits for topping hmmm *I choose strawberry cheese*

Step : 

Mix eggs, yellow eggs, and sugar.
Melt chocholate and butter by steaming in the upper of boiled water.
Then mix melted chocolate and butter with first mixture
Put flour gradually in sifted to avoid clot of mixture.
To ease mixing step, please use mixer :D

Then, please smear out the butter at cake pan to avoid sticky cake after steamed the cake.
Due to limited baking apparatus *i dont have oven yet :p*, So I use rice steamer and limited steam clearance so it will be pressure build up there, and steam temperature will be higher than 100 degC *maklum anak Tekkim* wkwkwk.

After water start to boil up, then steam produce, make sure that pan cover is tightly closed. Wait until 5 minutes, then put the dough into the steamer.
Make sure that you put the dough only for 5~6 minutes, overcooked cake will make you miss the melt lava sensation :D


sweet as it presentation :9
Sprinkle the refined sugar, put grated cheese, and fresh strawberry.

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