January 15, 2014

No, I'm not a good blogger

what kind of blog if only posting once every year? *the 3rd one, even almost 3 years* hahaha ...

Allow me to say hello again...

After been years (3 years) this blog freeze, it feels like first time for me to keep on blogging again.

Okay, may I tell you..
Now, I've been working in one of Petrochemical Plant in Tuban.
I graduated from university at 21 September '11, started to work here in march '12
*so what I was doing between its?*, yeah jobseeking!

Job seeking is the most hardest phase of Life for 21 y.o woman like me *at that time* #lebay
I learned about patience, keep spirit, and how to bounce back after fall / fail in many many times huhuhu...
then I realized that in life, everyone must have "a curriculum" which at that certain time she must had certain "lifeskill" #tsaah *lama lama jadi geli sendiri*

After all, finally i got work on Dec '11...
in one of WTP Contractor in Jakarta. Nah, before I moved to Jakarta, I followed recruitment test on *my current workplace*, after a month recruitment process, I've passed and accepted and back to Tuban. I was enjoy, happy and grateful to work here, among family, suitable with my education background, payed better than previous *hehe*.

Maybe all excitement that I got from new job caused why this blog looks like freeze! hehehe *Alibi*

Then, lately I met an old friend, he told me about his sister who loved to write.
I virtually met her at her blog, read her post (almost all) and cant handle my curiosity. hahaha #kepo
my thought throwback here, i realized i had *lumayan* pages that have been little bit neglected #pathetic

hopefully it will be good beginning to keep on bloggin'

There will be any grammar mistakes, dont be hesitate to leave comments/ improvement.

see ya..

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