January 15, 2014

Be a vegan?

In the middle of Duty Roster, I escaped far away from hometown. 
Alhamdulillah, coincide with Maulid Rasullullah Muhammad SAW celebration we got one holiday in weekday (tuesday). 

A nice friend *sure cause he treat me* and me made accidentally appointment to meet up at Surabaya. First destination is Galaxy Mall, we bought french fries and drinks. We continued to seek any sweet corn at ranch market and buy any instant seasoning *as a good friend, i've told him not to consume instant food. But he refused -.-* . Then we continue to go to Harton* to buy a gift for our friends who just having a baby (terlalu banyak "to"). We bought two food processors with friendly price. Huaaaa it was bad idea to visit Harton*, a lot of good stuff but wallets seems not in good condition. I really want to buy brother sewing machine huhuhuhu

Yah, but I'm a kinda strong girl *halah* , so I convinced myself not to buy those thing *yesterday* hahaha..
Okay brother sewing machine we will meet someday.

As our plan in previous day, he will treat me at one of Vegetarian Restaurant named Loving Hut.
LOVING HUT : Be Vegan <3 Make A Peace those restaurant slogan

As first timer, we ordered any favorites menu, red rice with crispy joy (lele nabati), tom yum soup, noodles, buncis daging (daging boongan) hahaha *I didnt remember name of those menu*. For drinks, I ordered watermelon juice and he ordered romance d 'amor (beet, banana, strawberry) both of them tasted good.

In my first time visiting, personally I satisfied with those food, services, and place. But for the sake of appetite, I'm realizing that become a vegan is mmm, may be not now hahaha. I love to eat eggs, fish, wagyuuuu hahahaha...

We spent almost 2 hours there, he looked for place for took a maghrib prayer but we didnt find. Actually most of those restaurant visitor is Buddhist.

We went to Dinas P&K Mousque, he took a maghrib prayer while I was waiting on his car and playing with his tab *yang numpang kurang **** hahaha..

Yeah, those trip ended with "a goodbye in Bunder Bus Station" scene...

*sering sering ya mas nraktirnya :D*

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  1. loving hut is one good vegan restaurant for real, widh. and the price isn't as expensive like many other vegan foods. you gotta try their cookies and #drooling. the menu experimented by their vegan club so it tastes sooo gooooood #droolingAgain

    and do not hesitate to drop your comment, darla :3