January 15, 2014

The Greatest Suramadu

The title sound so "berlebihan" hahaha...
But, i fell lucky due to visit that biggest bridge in Jawa Timur! *finally*

After a friend post a photo about his niece named tika which 3,5 yo visit Suramadu. Me ( who have lil name also tika) 24 yo never visited there. It seems so pathetic, i used to live so close with those  place for a long time (4 years, lama kan?) 

Finally,in a meet up appointment he decided to have lunch at bebek sinjay so we have to drive along suramadu to reach that place. Yayy...

In departure trip. I was disturbed by office matter, everyone called me at that time *fiuh. Yaa, then i missed the scenery. :(

Arrived at bebek sinjay, woops we gasped seeing loooong queue of thousand hunger tummies *lebay* hahaha. Yah we became one of them. We ordered two fried duck - sambel pencit (apa si englishnya?),  two sosro , two mineral water and one sack of kerupuk. Taste was good with affordable price.

After having nice meals, we went to one of favourite mall. In second chances for acrossing selat madura by suramadu. I took a picture of the greatest bridge. 

Took some picture but unfortunately me not included on this photos. Huhu...

Yah, someday i'll visit there again :))

Thanks for brought me there ..

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