March 19, 2014

2 Months After His Vow

I think I chose a romantic title, hehehe..

Its been almost two months after his vow. His vow to spend live each other till death do us apart :')
I'll tell you about yay's and nay's during my early marriage life, here we go....

1) Wake up everyday and see one person we love most is sweet. 2) We have more dreams and vision than before and get someone to deal with and partner to reach all together. 3) Organizing things and feels have own freedoms bigger than before. 4) Have someone that help you gobble up every trial foods u made by urself. 5) Have partner to travel and parents never try to proscribe :D

1) I mad when hubby have to take business trip for along time. 2) I have to wait him alone at home. 3) Crazy for waiting BBM reply from him, I cant make a good deal with patience and worry.

in the third months, we hope I will write about another good news in our journey.

-a woman who in love with her man-

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  1. Wish for your happyness ever after ya friends :)