March 6, 2014

Movie and Mall-culinary Parade Day -2

Continuing post about my short holiday last week, I'd tell bout the second day,

Before continue, lets flash back and make short review for the hotel.

The hotel was nice, the staff friendly, and the place is so strategic. Its located near Surabaya town hall and culinary centre in Walikota Mustajab Street. here is the appearance...
the room with model :p
Back to the trip, at the second day we cancel our plan that is follow Surabaya Heritage Track by House of Sampoerna Museum Crew. We prefer to have a date in Mall, different mall from previous one. We visited TP, dunno what to do we visit Cinema XXI, then choose "3 days to kill"...
the tickets

waww, action with drama touch, here is the little piece of the cake ...

Ethan Renner (cast by Kevin Costner) is one of senior CIA agent, is diagnosed suffered chronic lungs cancer which have been spread into his brain. The doctor told him to retire from his work. He retired and back to his hometown in Paris. He came back to his apartment, and shocked by a illegal black family inhabit his apartment, and paint his room. He tried to re-connect with her wife Tina-Christine and daughter Zoey. After that surprising young-sexy-talented CIA agent named vivi want him to involved in "hunting wolf" mission. Vivi offer experimental medicine that can cure his cancer. Concurrently with Tina job trip in london, ethan task is to take care zoey and conduct mission for three days. 

What a day mixture of action, dramatic, and funny story becomes one. then you will see unpredictable scene, I forgot how many times my tears falling huhuhu :s
so touching ...:'))

After the movie sessions end, we had lunch and trying Malay menu at Dapur Penang. I forgot to take picture, but at that time we ordered claypot rendang (me), nasi lemak ayam ... *apagitu* (hubby) and two glasses of tarik tea iced.

the appearance is taken from google *lupamoto* *kelaperan* :p...

We visit bodyshop to buy my facial wash, along the journey we talk about what my hubby want in my fashion style. Okay, I let him, so I'll buy some new collection to follow up :p
and for the first time, I but a denim vest by magnolia... onli IDR 105K. I had an idea what to mix n match with that thing ;D

Hehehe, not only the appearance, I hope with this marriage both of us become more well and well, Especially me, try to be a really nice wife, daughter in law, and Woman hehe..
Amiin :))

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