April 4, 2014

My first Car Free Day

I'm kinda countrified or maybe used to lazy dude, haha...
Do you ever visit Car Free Day? Yes you do. everybody does!

Except me!, I just got my first on 16 of march, *sigh*
And I really take a great role on this *halah*, Me we have a food stand on public market on this Car free day. We sold "Ceker Cetar Membahana" woolaa...

At home, HOT-ceker is one of our favorite dishes which been made by or favorite master chef  as known as My Mother in Law. We want our favorite menu become a famous one, so we take this opportunity *lebay :p*

In our first debut, we seriously prepare our stand. We make "prototype", take photo session for making advertising banner, designing banner, brand sticker tools, and the most important is ceker for the raw materials.

That day was coming, we prepare since 04:00 am in the morning hoaaaaamhhh, and our food sold on on 07:30 wohooo, we loved and keep our spirit for following weeks ahead. yayy...
I though no body doubt about the taste of MMIL signature *yumm*

Its just a beginning, we plan about big project next time, hope I'll tell y'all soon :D

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