May 14, 2014

Double Stripes :D

once upon a time, on the second month my marriage life old, hehehe
I cried loud *ngga segitunya sih*and happy to see two magic double stripes on test stick. Direct I woke up hubby and show him the stick. He was happy too... Yes I'm pregnant..
Both of us now is really enjoying the next challenge of life. And me so excited and can't wait till baby arrive hehehe (I've wondering to much to make new born photo idea, hihihi). And my schoolmate *now hubby* is going to be a papa how cool and sexy :*

Now, its about 13 weeks my womb old. It means I have passed the first trimester. Yeah, im really happy and relieved this womb is very cooperative with this working mama. I never got serious nausea or vomit as pregnancy syndrome. I just want to eat as frequent as possible *maruk :s*. And at the second trimester I'm already back as before pregnant just little backache and I just can make a deal with it. Alhamdulillah...

The papa to be support and magic hands always work to make me comfort, and stay positive. Yes, preggie mommy needs are positive mind and lot of happiness. Hubby magic hand always heal my backache hehehe *thanks hunny*

The most happiest thing is when doctor said that the womb growth is on track and doing good. We sometimes did silly things to see the ultrasounds photo to heal our longing to our little one. Yes, we love you so much, and we will do anything to make you safe, healthy, and happy. Be nice there in mama womb. And thanks to Alloh for everything we got, any matters in our life we hope it will bring us to get your ridho fiddunya wal akhirah, Aamiin. :D 

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