November 7, 2014

Maternity Leave

At the end of this week gonna be my last day of work. I will take my maternity leave per 10 Nov 2014. After last examination, doctor said that I am going to have labor on 10 – 30 Nov 2014. Such a long range of date, right? But based on last check result I think, I must get prepared if I want normal labour as well.
Baby weight and position of course become crucial factors, I hope baby weight not so heavy and his head will engage my pelvis soon, please!. The result is mama should be take a lot of work out at home. Walking and doing self-pilates are a must!. Hubby support and suggestion becomes good doctrine for me lately.
On my last day of work, those moment become one of bitter sweet memory of mine. You might say I’m a kind of dramaqueen haha. I made an email of Maternity leave permission to my boss and closed colleague. Any good wishes sent to me and family. I hope Alloh will granted their wish too. We made some photoshoot  with friends. Oh, Im so happy. Those are more than just a nice present for me and baby.
Just in case some works mate read this blog, I just want to say that :
1.Please apologize any sins and mistakes of mine
2.    Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience during my looooong leave and any delegated task. Tee hee
3.    Wish me and family luck and safe during labour and face a new phase of life
4.    Wish any luck of our company on 2015
Wondering about labour, also makes me remind that it wont be that same after all. I cant bring my baby every where like now. Sometimes I must leave him at home at worktime. Oh baby, mama will miss u...
But, other side I just want him to pop out soon. Cant wait to see that face, cuddle, care, listen his crying and anything. Thanks to Alloh, I'll become a mama soon. I believe Alloh will always lead me and hubby to take care this precious bundle sent to us. Lead us become a better parent who can make him shine and become one of Hamba yang diridhoi

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