October 20, 2014

Maternity Photoshoot

From very early age of my pregnancy, we planned to take photo of mamapapa and belly at third trimester. We guessed at that time my tummy is big and peek out my tummy clearly. Hahaha
We planned to make maternity casual photo, using casual costume and took photoshoot at Perhutani KC Tuban. We wanted to take forest scenery from there, where a lot of woods and big trees. In my opinion, it will be perfect with additional horses. Yeah, just on my dreams

Well, that time has come. We decided to take photo yesterday and only by two of us. Woke up on early morning, had breakfast and prepared. Me, tried to put make up on my face and prepare any supporting property. Fortunately, for the God sake, make up suited me well and I look prettier then usually haha…
Hubby, busy with his hair and camera - equipment. We brought three pod, two lens, words banner, wall sticker, and some of baby’s stuff.

Yeay, There we took shoot for about 1.5 hours. This very pregnant mama had limited energy now. After coming home, hubby edited some picture while mama and baby slept. hahaha
And we got some beauty pictures. Thanks hubby.
Maternity photoshoot is one nice refreshment for parents and baby on board.

Okay, may us take another shoots papa? :) 

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