October 10, 2014

34 Weeks!

Counting down to 40th weeks, yay!

How’s Baby Doing?
Hi people, my last checked up on 34 weeks pregnancy shown that baby was healthy and in a good position and condition. Doctor and midwife said the same thing bout my baby weighs is normal – big, sigh. That means that mama should not get much sugar intake. But, that was good news. Hope Alloh give us strength and healthiness till D-day.
Nowadays, baby is awaken up mama in the morning to remind shubuh prayer, bother mama when watching movies, response mama when mama try to make conversation with him. And Mama is always amazed of that. By now, We did ultrasound check up to make sure everything is ok, once a month. From the screen I can see and wonder baby’s face is Papa looks like. He’s gonna be sweet and big cheeks baby. How cute !

How’s Mama Doing?
Mama and her belly become bigger and rounder. Toilet visit is more frequent than before. Backache, hard to move, short night sleep are became so friendly with this mama. Oh that was bad. Mama fell so difficult to find comfy position for sleep. And this week, mama is not so well. Influenza becomes her friend, ouh.
Mama has started to wash baby clothes, tidying up, clean our room little by little. Mama loved to do windows and online shopping. Mama regular activity are shopping for Baby, organizing baby stuff, reading articles and exploring mamas’ forums. So, where is the work time? Haha…

How’s Papa Doing?
Papa is become aware for mama and baby healthiness, learn how to be Papa Siaga, He also becomes more talkative and fussy. But don’t tell him, I actually enjoy all the attention, too. Haha. He likes kissing and talking to my tummy. And baby always always stay cool when papa wait him to kick, haha.So sorry papa.Well, he’s a sweet husband and papa to be. We love him.
Mamapapa start to prepare baby needs, our preparation is almost 90%. Grandparents are also excited to prepare anythings the new comer in our big family. 
Yes, any people we meet sometime ask what baby’s gender estimation is. And they’re try to guess what is baby inside. And papa sometimes really annoying about what people said if it not same with ultrasound result. Haha

So, do you have any guess to for my baby’s gender people? J

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