September 25, 2014

Back To Kitchen

Last weekend, I made a breakfast for hubby and me for the very first time, what? haha
I made healthy sandwich for two of us and little one inside my tummy. I’m happy hubby was satisfy with those result. He gobbled down his entire meal portion. Yayy..
I should not to be that very happy chef, because my hubby is not picky for food hihihi
But, I proud myself I was able to make my family dishes. A succeed mama :p. At that time hubby was fully time out of home. He became committee in one of his company event. And me, just stay at home, make some self-meals and did some wife thingy such as wash clothes and made home tidier.
I ate healthy fruit and meatball for snacks, yeah at that day, I decide I won’t buy food but made my own meal.

At the midday, hubbies was coming and pick me up to his event, then saw his performance on playing six strings of bass guitar. Yes, he is my hubby, he is really good on it *cieeh*
Those event quite crowded with people, me just took a look and visited some food stand. Then I went home at 10.00 pm due to the backache isn’t make a good deal with me anymore.

So, How was your weekend people?

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