September 16, 2014

Prayers for Baby and Family

Last Saturday was the Seventh month of my pregnancy. In Javanese tradition we held “mitoni/ tingkeban” for our upcoming baby. We held this on my parent’s house. As husband and wife, as we live nearby both of our parent, we never held events just two of us yet hehehe…

In my neighborhood the special on “mitoni” was the type of snacks which given to attendants. We prepared seven sorts of tuber crops, cendol, rujak, fruit, pasung, pleret, and procot. What a name…
Every snacks had its own mean and philosophy. In Facts, its just symbol, we only put believe in Alloh SWT :D

The event was so exhausting, hectic but happy. We were all happy can share our happiness with big families and neighbor. Baby was happy too, at least those kicks told me so, he kicked me most of time at that day! Hahaha…

In 3 months ago, We also held “4 bulanan” in my in law’s house. This ceremony aimed to give a prayer for baby of mine due to at the 120th days pregnancy Alloh sent “ruh” inside this fetus. We read Quran Surah Yusuf and Maryam with families and attendants.

Every events for baby and mama always makes me so teary. I wonder how much love from family for us and remind me and husband that we’re going to be parent soon. My Alloh always lead us to better one  in future.

Hope all our prayers granted by Alloh SWT. Upcoming baby and his mamapapa will always got Ridho from Alloh SWT. Aamiin 

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