September 10, 2014

Pregnancy Essentials

not my own pictures!

Heyho, since every woman has her own story of pregnancy. Here I want to share some of my pregnancy essential for you. Hehe..

Pure Olive Oil – wardah
I really have been aware about stretch mark and cellulite issue during pregnancy for very first time.  From some blogs and mama forums, I got information about almond/other essential oil and body butter. I tried Olive Oil – for facial use for my tummy. Hihihi
Its heard little tricky for mama, but it really reduce cost to get good quality. I tried once and fell in love with its smell and texture. I often used it for lotion too :p

Walking and Stretching a lot
Due to my body is getting bigger and rounder, walking helps me a lot of to make all muscle stretched. As working mama, I only have few spare time to do morning or afternoon walk *alesan* :p. I just walk up-down side at home – stairs. Hehehe
After 8 months pregnancy I decide to conduct regular swimming and walking on weekends *hopefully*
When I got serious backache and husband was far from me, I usually conduct some self – stretching as arranging a lot of pillows at bed upwards, then laid my back on it, so my body will look like “n” letter. Sure, for me it helps to relieve backache a lot.

Street food, snacks, and fruits
Hungry buzz often attacks me at night if I didn’t go to bed on time. So, some street food such as meatball and fried rice, home cookies and snacks, or fruits from mama in law refrigerant really helps me to beat them. *sigh*

Feet and Back Massage
Yes, husband always win to do this. Feet and back massage is so relaxing and relieving. Here, on my hometown we can’t find maternity spa, oh unlucky me.

Taking a nap and good sleep
It’s really cured my tired both physically and mentally. Since happy mama will influence happy baby too :p

Hope some of information above help to cure what ur pregnancy needs.  xo!

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