September 3, 2014

iPhone + Snapseed

Kwan Sing Bio

somewhere at Kwan Sing Bio

Sometimes, hubby takes me out with him to find good scenery outside and take some photos. Yea, since his hobby is about photography. We often visit nice spot to take some photo and while he shoots around I also like to explore those spot and take my own photo by my iPhone. The main topic of this posting is my sudden photographer-lust.  I’m just too love with my gadget and I quite satisfied with its camera photo result *cetek* :p.

Nowadays, I just become close friend with snapseed  filter application on app store. I literally in love with its result. The picture is more looks so me tee hee. Above is some of my favorite picture and hubby also appreciate this newbie result so yaayy..

Another nice escape for this preggy mama from daily activity, I hope baby inside happy like mama as well. And so I hope your day is full of happiness peop. xo

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