August 15, 2014

Wishing you happiest birthday hubby

Yesterday was special day for hubby. Yes, it was his birthday. I give him little surprise at home and buy him a present. Since now we live at the same home it was rather difficult to make a surprise, so I made the simple one. For the first time, I want to make photo-greeting, me as the photo model but I thought it was too narcissistic haha..

I was lucky wife, because at D-day -1 hubby works load was not too busy. He came home early and chilled out with his friend at the evening. Yah, that time I prepared a simple greeting in our room wall from words banner, then I turned off the light and go to bed. When he came and turned on the lamp suddenly surprised. I gave him a present and said happy birthday honey then he smile and kissed me and my bump. It was another our romantic moment hehe..

At the next day, I just noticed that he wrote “ love you mamah” at his messenger status. Yeay, I may tell you that he used to that kind of man haha.. It was special for me. Thanks hubby.

At last, I wish u happy birthday my hubby. Wish you a lot of success fiddunya wal akhirah. I love you so big and wide xoxo *just in case he read this post :p*

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