August 6, 2014

Seven Dates of Id Fitr

Taqabbalallaahu minna wa minkum, taqabbal ya karim
shiyamana wa shiyamakum
Minal Aidzin wal Faidzin
Happy Eid Mubarak 1435 H

Id Fitr, always bring its own of atmosphere of sacred, warmth of family, happiness, joy and full of foods everywhere. Yay, I gained 2 kilos in one week. Wow. lookslike a greedy mama. tee hee

Since I got 7 days holiday on Syawal from office, Let me tell you about my holy-day

Its my first occasion to spend my whole Ramadhan and I'd prayer there, with husband and his family. Yeah, this is my first Ramadhan as wife and mama to be *lucky me*. There food was prepared by my mother in law, we had meatball and ketupat-sayur in all day, haha...
After we did prayer, we cameback to home from mosque then prepared our family photoshoot. Taken by loving hubby and his three-pod. Can you see joy is firing on our eyes, right?
We visited all of hubby relatives *I think most of them* at very first time in order to we can spend next date most of time with my family

Me and hubby visited my family, first we make general ritual on Lebaran with my parents and brothers.Then, we visited our granny and grandpa graveyard to make pray for them. After that we make a short family trip to visit my father brothers and visit graveyard there too. Let say that it usually happened year by year but the atmosphere of I'd Fitr always bring joys in our holy-day.

Back again at hubby family, mother in law is re-opening her restaurant for the very first time after long pause. With little renovation and new "system" hope this new business will run smoothly and gave much benefit for us and neighborhood
Finish with simple opening ceremony, we visit playground yard named Wisata Bahari Lamongan, hahaha... the funny fact is last year I visit there to spend my I'd Fitr holiday. I may say that playground is the only one nearest from our home. And visit it just so mainstream :p. The differences was this preggy mama only take a walk, enjoy food, and take photos hahaha...
Yeah, I hope next year when I visit there again I will stroll along with the baby of mine. :)

One of hubby relatives is visit Tuban with them very early baby. So we buy a gift and visit those cute babyboy for the first time. Hopefully this belly also excited as his parents to seeing newborn and he prepare well in advance of his upcoming birth ahahha..
After that, fortunately me and hubby had separate appointment to visit our each-Highschool reunion. Meeting old friend always give its own cure for me. Some of them had married and brought their baby. Ouch, I cant lie that I'm just so excited to hold and kiss those babies. I'm just so teary seeing my friend who had became a mama. Wondering just in few time there will be a God creature that all of his wants is me and need me for most. Oh that sweet *drama mama* :p

Slightly back to reality and wifely activity, after long holiday we ran out our clean cloth. Back to wash-ironing activity. Due to I promise myself to say no to laundry during holiday. I have to be a smart housewife *alibi, irit mama* :p and spend most of time with hubby and family.
But spending all holiday just at home with family for me is always exciting and relaxing.

Oh I'm so much happy and grateful. May Alloh let us back to Fitr and reach real glory.
So, how's your Holy-day? :D

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