July 15, 2014

22 Weeks!

ultrasound photo on 19 weeks

Hello good people, Happy Fasting, Happy Ramadhan 1435 H
How was ur day?, I wish a very much of luck for all of ours.
I can’t believe how time goes so fast, my baby belly now is 22 weeks. I can see my tummy got bigger day by day. I can feel baby inside while he moved, jump, and kicked sometimes. You know, I can’t describe the happy feeling of its. This mama is so amazed :’)

I got some worries at almost 18 weeks pregnancy, at that time I went to midwifery to take preliminary checkup before I took long trip by car first of my pregnancy. The midwife told me that mama should be fell while baby moving inside, but me not, oh Crap!. One week later I made Obgyn appointment to take ultrasound of this belly. Wow, baby inside was much bigger than before, doctor give him touch and he react with the touch. I can see his hand in front of his chest and the other one was holding his head, just like papa pose in his night sleep. Doctor said that baby is healthy and his growth on track, mama was allowed to have fast on this Ramadhan. I’m truly happy to hear. Yes, I become so teary at that sweet moment. This mama could be so drama hehehe

This belly inside womb so cooperative with Fasting-Working Mama, I don’t have any serious yelp on this pregnancy. Since I still live with family, my mother in law always make me a pregnancy milk on Sahur just knowing that this daughter in law is very lazy. Thanks ibu hahaha

Yeah, but time passed by. I can feel that belly is getting bigger day by day and mama is so excited to wait till baby gear’s shopping time, tee hee :D
The most important that both parents to be (me n hubby) are so excited to wait our special little guest several months later. I hope inside he just excited as mama-papa.  We love you baby, so big and wide <3

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