June 18, 2014

Liebster Award

Rainbow Journey's Page

Can u see my name? 

The first time I heard about Liebster Award is the first time when I got this award. Hahaha…
A nice blogger gave this award for me. Yeah I’m a lucky blogger :D thanks so much Rainbow Journey :D
I feel so so so honored *okay I’m drama blogger*.

Firstly, I will tell what is Liebster Award based on what I read from Rainbow Journey and friends. Liebster etymology came from German which has mean sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, cute, valued, kind, and pleasant. Liebster Award is a kind of Award with a chain of homework. Yeah, anyone who got this should make a post to give another 11 blogger award and homework. Hehehe
The goals of this award are a kind of nice appreciation from a blogger to another ones and an event to get closer among fellow blogger :D

Here are the rules:
1.       Post this award to your blog
2.       Say thanks to who give you this award
3.       Share 11 things about yourself
4.       Answer about 11 homework
5.       Pick another 11 blogger ang give them 11 another question about anything you want to know *ensure not a kind of private question ex. ATM PIN number etc* :p

Okay let’s talk, 11 things about me :
1.       Expressive
Yeah sometimes I can’t give a poker face or reaction if I don’t respect for anyone or things, pardon me. But I'm not kind of spiteful and I really easy to give an apologize or excuse *angel smile* :p

2.       Really love travelling
I have a big intention to travel, but somehow the nature don’t support me yet huhuhu
Im still on going to persuade hubby to grow travel intention to him and our children *next* hahaha

3.       Loving the smell of Mall and Shopping Center
For me, take a walk in Mall and Shopping center is really soothing. Shopping is other words for refreshing, gym, and relaxing. The happiest thing is when you got something you want most and priceless.

4.       Talkative
I may a kind of person who won’t run out about topic to discuss :p

5.       iPhone gamers
I’m addicted to several games on my cellphone. Sometime 3GB internet is not enough to accommodate my phone needs for a month, hehehe. I can’t imagine how my kids thought if his mama is an online gamers hahaha

6.       In love with Sushi
Sometimes I don’t mind to spend some money to try a new place of culinary. I pleased my tongue to challenge new taste of halal food which I never tried before. I just in love with Sushi since in college. Whoa I love Japanese food, I’m so easy to adapt with uncooked fish known as Sashimi, it’s smell and taste as I live in seaside city and Fish and seafood is always on my daily dishes .

7.       Karaoke Room Singer
As like Mba Isti, I also like to sing in Karaoke room. There my confidence burst and I can sing all out *halah* :D. At that time when Me and friends still jobseeking, We almost visit N*V Mulyosari everyday *what a silly*

8.       Obsessive for Master Degree
May I say?, yes for this matter I really become so dramatic. I’m so obsessed with Master Degree. Past time I wanted to finish Master Degree before I married. But Alloh gave me another way. Now, I’m still patient to wait that time and keep fertilizing this obsession :’)

9.       DIY Junkie
I just currently love with craft and something handmade. Starting from when I follow some handmade crafter blogger. And try to make sew craft at home, but it ended after my mini sewing machine broke *witted*. Now I keep doing research at Pinterest and some blogger page and try to make another DIY at home hehehe

10.   Husband Big Fan
I never wondering I’m so in love with him in that way I never imagine *drama* :p. We almost spend 6 years for going steady and I never love him that much that old days hahaha *sorry honey*

11.   Enjoying working on engineering
I was graduated as engineer, and As Alloh let me become one of engineer in one of Oil and Gas Company in this town. For one and half years I was assigned as Process Eng for Utility and Tank Terminal Area. And now I assigned to take care products quality and quantity. Sometimes I bored, do bad performance, but truly I love this job, especially for the 25th of the month *kidding, I think everyone do :p*

After exploring myself lets continue this post about answering 11 question below :
  1. Alasan nge-blog.
I’m one of diligent internet surfer, so I decide to make little contribution by blogging :p
Now, blogging is really soothe me from office boredom, I can tell evrerybody about my happiness, experience and feelings. Yeah, just let everything nice shared.

  1. Hobi yang masih sering dilakukan sampai sekarang .
Gaming, hahaha I still playing game at office, home, on vehicle anytime I have sparetime *sometimes in the middle of meeting, so sorry not good example*

  1. Tujuan wisata yang ingin dikunjungi.
Firstly, I just persuade hubby to travel around East Java, where a lot beauty nature tourist objects lies there

  1. Kota di Indonesia yang paling disukai beserta alasannya.
I love my city Tuban, hehe
Have you ever heard about that? There, you will find traditional city which may become Industrial one someday, a lot of Factory is being built here. Wow, let’s see what’s happen in future

  1. Satu kata yang menggambarkan dirimu.
High Enthusiastic, When I curious or interested on something, I will find out all things related on it.

  1. Satu kata yang menggambarkan diri saya *maap, nyambungnya ke saya lagi :p*
I really agree when you named your blog Rainbow Journey. From the blog I knew that you have a lot of colorful days and stories, kind and sincere also.  Just like me, the one who never meet u, truly I really inspire to make a post by enjoying post by post you have made *ngrayu* :p

  1. Makanan teraneh yang pernah dicoba.
Seafood platter on Fish n Co. I hate it !

  1. Lagu favorit sepanjang masa.
Lucky – Colbie Caliate & Jason Mraz <3 <3 <3

  1. Prestasi/pencapaian terbesar yang pernah diraih.
Grantee at Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional 2010

  1. Quote (kata bijak) yang paling menginspirasi.
Everything’s happened for a reason

  1. Impian yang sudah menjadi kenyataan.
Become in an engineer and become a mama (coming soon). I hope this baby bumps also excite as me :D

I really like to share this award in chain, but unfortunately I don’t have much blogger friend. Let me to make Asmi Rima to answer those questions above. And please congrats Rime for this Liebster Award! Yayy !

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