December 19, 2014

Enzo's Birth Story

Our little boy, Enzo. He is much bigger day by day.
His cheeks especially had much growing progress. I love it.

He is a kind of good sleeper and mama's milk lover. Thanks to Alloh for every healthy and mercy to our little one and mostly to whole our family. 

The memory of Enzo birth story for me is little bit teary and dramatic. I still amazed how nature took it course and the Most Greatest of Alloh SWT. SubhanaLlah...
And here, Im happy to tell you about his birth story 

Friday, 14 November 2014
Since thursday night, I had mild contraction and really really mild. Friday morning, husband accompany me to take a walk as pre labour exercise. 

Then at 10o'clock, I realized that I got labour sign on my panty. I was glad and lil bit nervous at the same time. I went to doctor and midwife to take internal examination. But at that time there is no dilatation. Oh God, this waiting mama got little broken hearted. 

The contraction got stronger hours by hours. Woooss, I talked to myself contraction is naturally happen before labor. Every mama in the world undergo with it. Hubby came home early to accompany this mama. He chuck my back when the contraction was coming. Mmm, i guess any of you haven't know how the contraction sensation. You may feel like have strong stomachache and backache at the same time. Haha ... Horrible :D

At night, I back to midwife and after all contraction, she just said there is no progress yet. There had no dilation. WHAT! I became lil bit emotional.  

I cant sleep that night, so did hubby.

Saturday, 15 November 2014
08.00 : I took internal examination and midwife said that I just 1 cm dilated. But I was so thankful there was a progress.

11.00 : 2nd internal examination and NO progress. Fiuh (fyi, contraction run stronger and continously since friday, sigh)

20.00 : Contraction became stronger and more frequent. Then hubby take me to midwife and the result was I just 2cm dilated. What? Almost 12 hours and the progress only 1cm. Olrite, mama to be should be very patieeentt 

21.00 : Coming from clinic, the contraction is stronger, Maybe baby was kicking my diaphragm so that mama vomit alot. I fell all of inside my stomach drain out. Hubby took me at clinic.

00.00 : I was 4cm dilated. Thanks Alloh It just great progress. I kept n built my self confident and believed for normal labour.

03.00 : The water just broke but its not clear anymore. They said that I was full dilated. Oh God, thanks I just saw the finish line.

04.00 : Until they said that head of fetus is still high. It didn't engaged my pelvis yet. Midwife said that We had to go to hospital. And it means so low probability to conduct normal labour. Yeah, this mama was so emotional.

05.00 : At Hospital, They were examining while contraction was full forced. Due to this is will be the first Secio so the must prepare all equipments and people.

05.30 : Hubby sent me to the room. And yeah I still had to wait the doctor. Hmm

06.15 : I heard the first cry of Enzo. Suddenly, all those pains were gone. All the waiting, groaning, and pain have paid off. I looked at my little baby and was just amazed of all things. After he was born, I saw him and It was love at the first sight when his eyes met mine as if he was trying to say “Hey, mama, I’m here. Good to see you!” Well, I became a mama by then. And really, thank, Alloh SWT

PS. My husband went through all these together with me. He was aware that pregnancy and labour, although they were beautiful, would often be accompanied by not-so-beautiful scenes.
Sorry for long pause. I just adjusting life as newbie mama. Good night!

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