February 6, 2015

First Anniversary!

At junior high school was the very first time I met a guy named Adiansah. At Senior High School we became friend. At University we started dating. That guy told me since the very beginning that he was so serious with this relationship and I was like, “Okay, we’ll see later.”

After all complicated love story. Five years later he came to my house and talked to my parents about to take me as his wife. Holycrap! Im happy and nervous at the same time. There's no romantic proposal where the guy propose his girl by standing on his knee?. Big No, he's really bad on those things. Haha

But his father direct asked me to be his daughter in law. Thats kinda sweet thing for me.

So the wedding preparation, and a year ago we tied the knot!

Yes, On 31st January 2014. I made the best decision in my life, to be committed in a lifetime commitment to that man whom I’ve spent most of my days with for many years, my best friend, my lover. That has since become my husband. I’m so grateful that I am his wife and he’s my husband, we’re together. I won’t say everything is going to be easy and always smooth, but may Alloh SWT lead us to the best path to go. 
And the most important is by our marriage Alloh SWT round out our religion and magnify Alloh's grace and mercy for us and our family. 
Thanks to our parents, brothers, n sisters who always support, care, and gave prayer for our happiness.
Thanks to our little one who have complete out happiness in our first anniversary
Individually, thanks to hubby for being great husband for me. Happy anniversary. I love you to the moon and back!

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