February 12, 2015

My Boy Lately

taken by hubby

This week I had back to work after long maternity leave. I’ve prepared pumping mama essential and committed to continue give Enzo mama’s milk while ibu working, inshaa Alloh.

Going to work for the first time gave me teary moment again. Sure cause he refused to drink milk from bottles. He just can’t adapt from ibu’s nipple to teat. Besides, he always sticks with me since after birth. But In Alloh I believe and put my faith, Alloh will show us the way and ease all matters. I always tell and ask him to be kind boy while ibu working, to stay strong, healthy, kind, and drinks a lot. This decision to stay being working ibu isn’t because this ibu doesn’t love him or egoistic. Ibu wants to support bapak to make our dreams and reach our family goals. Ibubapak always strive the best for him and family.

In few days, Enzo will be three months old. I feel I become his favorite person lately. He wake me up in the morning, wait while I get prepared, I hold him for a while, then I have to go. After work, I hold him, breastfeed, and sometime he tell me about his experience that day (I guessed :D), yes cause he hummed when I held him. We really enjoy our chit chat, watching video, reading session, and tummy time. One day when he’s bigger he might not want to stick to me all the time. He wants to explore the world and make friends and maybe one day he’ll say “I’m okay, I’m a big boy”. Just to think of it, my heart is already broken. Lookslike I’m a dramatic and worrisome mama. Haha.

But, As parents Hubby and I are excited to see him grow, we really enthusiast to see how his character. I hope he has good spirit and positive value. May Alloh always show us the way and ease us to unfold his good personality.

So Enzo, just stay healthy and happy. We love you so...

Robbi habli minash sholihin…. aamiin

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