May 4, 2015

Family Getaway

Last weekend is one of long holiday at this month, me and (almost) whole family went to Surabaya for short trip. We visited new playing amusement park there named Suroboyo Carnival. Since my sisters study there, and Surabaya located not so far from our hometown. I thought it will be great idea to spend holiday with family and Enzo especially.

Since enzo is crowded place lover, he really enjoyed when we visited Mall and those park. Overall, enzo is nice little traveller but mama should not forget to pray much much much as much as possible, may Alloh ease all matters and as long as our trip. Bytheway praying is the most important thing in all occasion right?. I always love our family trip. Ibu n enzo are very ready for another getaway, so Bapak, may us? :D

Hope ur holiday fun too, Folks xo!

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