March 20, 2015

Beach Time

Last Sunday, we all got up early. Hubby had an idea to explore a neighbour beach not so far from our house. This beach became hot issue nowadays, since it has a white sand and blue – er water among others.

Sunshine so bright at that day, enzo really nice little explorer. He slept while on vehicle, and then just woke after we arrived that beach, it might his mood so fresh. Hahaha. He always be nice kid when we engage him to new place. Yes, he liked those beach too ( I guessed :p). We took sunbath together there.

I also took my brothers to join us. My little brother just so excited. We ever visited there with my parents, but hubby can’t join us at that time.

I also enjoyed the scenery, took some photos, buy a little snack as pre-breakfast (oh, I may tell you that breastfeed mama has a big appetite)haha

That was a happy weekend, so what about next?

Have you any ideas, fellas?

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