July 22, 2015

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Several time ago, I inspired by some mama who took picture of her kiddos each week. I excused myself to take and collect Enzo’s photo and made a post about him once a month at least. Unfortunately it didn’t work at all. Haha…
This mama sometimes so lazy to stick with what planned by herself. Yah, there was stressful task that must be done in a month. Stuck on boredom.
And here, let me show bout these little man progress in last 4 month :

He was really enjoyed play with his tummy. He played roll over back to tummy in so many2 many times. That makes ibu and Bapak sometimes had to sleep jostled due to this little man already monopole the bed area. Fufufu
Yah, but we loved to, we loved to have co-sleep until now

Yay, finally….. Ibu have waited this time for so long. And thanks God Enzo got Exclusively Breastfeeding by bottle and direct nursing. Yah, so much Alloh blessing for him, and me especially. I always worried about this thing. Thank you for another help also for always supports and provide Ibu need to do and keep this mama chores. We still hope that Alloh will let mama nursing until at least Enzo turns 2. We only always attempt best effort for Enzo, but may Alloh also ridho with our effort and give the best result, Amiin  
Ibu has a lot of study and research *halah* for the proper baby food for Enzo. Learning by doing also gave so much hints for mama, just follow your baby cues.  But I got much lesson from this phase.
Enzo is a nice eater; he finished everything in the bowl. He liked it! Hooray! Ibu is happy! It may sound weird and cheesy, but it really makes me feel like a superhero when my baby boy is contented with the food that I prepare for him. And you know, I really enjoy seeing his cute facial expressions when eating. Very priceless! He would blink his eyes when tasting his food for the first time and he babbles a lot when eating, I don’t know why. Most of time, He wants to feed herself sometimes). And he likes eating together with whole family. Oh well, I’m motivated to be a good chef in our little family. I know things won’t always be smooth. I mean, eating strike might just happen any time but let’s hope I can learn something from that situation and finally find ways out of that difficult situation. Fingers crossed

7/ 12
Nursing is more challenging due to tiny and super cute two teeth already peep out and we are expecting some more shortly. Fellow mamas, please tell me this phase will get easier. ><
This month we also celebrate his 7 months old by arranging TEDHAK PASITEN (in Javanese)  which is means now he embraced new phase of life. Ibu Bapak planned so serious for this event :p. And by Alloh’s hand and help of the whole family. We are so happy that this party run smoothly as planned. Thankyouuuu

The challenge of this month is, ibu have to fast during Ramadhan, but Bapak and Family always support that me can do it for sure. Ibu keep fasting, working, and pumping. Yah. Alloh ease all the matter. Sometime I had to drink booster to increase boob juice production. And thanks God, the amount always surplus, so there always excess for Enzo’s need. Lucky mama :D
After Allon 16th July our little man turned 8 months old. This man also afforded to sit by his own longer, yayyy…
Ibu Bapak so proud with the progress. 

O ya, this year is the first year we as family of three in Holy Eid Fitri. So I’ll report soon about our first time Holy-day with a toodler.
Prior to close this post, May I ask a much of apologizing for any sins and mistake of mine, husband, and Enzo. May Alloh let us back to Fitri and got the victory and  also all benevolences during this Romadhon Ridho by Allah SWT.

taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum, shiyamana wa shiyamakum
minnal aidzin wal faidzin
Happy Eid Mubarak 1436 H

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