July 23, 2015

Tedhak Pasiten

Tedhak Pasiten (Javanese) means step on ground. This is a part of Javanese ritual for baby which is baby had already faced a new phase of life. He begin to interact with ground and soil *hmm. 

We celebrated tedhak pasiten when Enzo turned 7 months old (last month). Hubby and I really didn’t want missed precious time of our son growth. Every moment will be sweet things to remember. There was no big celebration, but only fancy and cute to capture and remember. We made D-I-Y Photo booth stand, family and guest feel free took photo there. We just want to make everyone happy and happier.

And the most important is everyone wishes for our little man. “May he grow happily, healthy, sholeh, full of love and be loved by others”. Ibu bapak love you so big and wide xo!

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