July 30, 2015

Short Family Trip

Yesterday, Enzo and I have a really short family + Religious trip. My mother has a nadzar if my brother passed the university entrance test well, she would make a religious trip for whole family. Me and enzo also invited, unfortunately husband cant join due to we went on weekday. Haha

We visited several leader graveyard, mosque, art and food markets. Lovely views, so I decided to took some pictures but some of them failed.

Thought it was short and tiresome, I really enjoyed and cherish every moments and I have a little worried due to enzo pup more frequently from normal. But everything went smooth yesterday and the most important the little boy of mine was happy and healthy.

Since my family have really seldom schedule to have a trip together and my brother have to go out of town due to study at university, yesterday was really fun and increase our family bonds.

May we have another trip again, somewhere please?

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