August 3, 2015

Toat’s Weekend Story #1

This weekend we went nowhere but home. Since we had crowded schedule last weeks due to holiday and Syawal is time to visit one, two, three relatives. We, especialy Enzo just need some rest. Besides, Husband and I are brewing little project that will be launched in few times, so we have to prepare little things here and there, so we just stay at home.

Yesterday, we went to department store to buy one of our project needs and due to it were on lunch time, we decided to have lunch out of home. Enzo’s food also have been prepared and brought.
Mbah woto’s warung, its kinda new rising restaurant in Tuban. Haha…

We had order Sup Buntut (IDR 35K) and belut rica rica (IDR 35K) with Tubannese unique taste (read: hot) hmm
I ordered Legen (Tuban local drink) with ice (IDR 5K). Overall I really like the taste, and so affordable price.

Enzo also happy to have lunch with full team, since he slept during on trip to reach there…
Since Enzo was here, Hubby and I wonted to eat by turns. I fed Enzo first then hubby fed after me. Yes hes's our family man.

Wish you have a nice weekend also, fellas.  xo!

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