August 6, 2015

Breastfeeding Experience after 8 months

After more than 8 months experienced on breastfeeding, this is my first post about nursing Enzo. Since from very start pregnancy I always pray and brought positive thinking that I wished I will able to nurse Enzo at least until 2 years old of him. Thanking Alloh for so much blessing my boob juice available right after Enzo delivery. I nursed him exclusively until 3 months on my maternity leave.

Then we continued to pumping-exclusive feed by shift due to mother have to back to office from 6 to 5. Fiuh.. . Mother brought the working mother breastfeeding kit. Such as cool bag, ice blue , breastpump, bottles as storage everyday to office. Breastfeeding started challenging that day, teat muzzy, growth spurt, turn down capacity and bla bla bla… but Thanks God, we always find the way to overcome every problem. I believe that right choice sometime will  be examined by little, middle, and big problem (may be have to..)

Then the day Enzo turned 6 months came, we started to introduce solid. This big boy ate enthusiastically until now. Our most big problem and dilemma for mother of course, since he had bottle teat muzzy (he’s just too addicted to mother’s nipple). He drank from bottles just a quarter from used to be in 11 hours, sometimes it makes me feel so broken and frustrated. Is it right to keep working or quit and just be sahm?. I hope Enzo will understand that mother and papa still have some dreams and try to chase soon and parent already had a plan to make Enzo always happy and surround with our love everyday and every time.

Besides, that cute teeth sometime became big problem also and scars hahaha… but sometime I gave tolerant while Enzo “playing” while nursing due to his gum must be unwell during teething. Mother only can take a deep a breath during the process. Huh hah huh hah…

Oya, based on my own experience, here’s summary of  tips to overcome breastfeeding challenge:
1.       Lack of Supply
Drink and eat boob juice booster, positive thinking, stay healthy and happy, and some refreshing sometimes needed. Ignore any negatives comments from other and just believe that Alloh who sent them to us will give us “power” to fed him by ourselves as their mother :)

2.       Growth spurt
If you have much of stock on your refrigerant, it must become your problem, but if you’re not back to old days when baby is only days old keep pumping every 2 hours and after you have direct nursing please drain out your boob by pumping :p

3.       Teat muzzy
Teat muzzy and nipple muzzy, may be happened on vice versa. On my version, Enzo so love with mother’s nipple so he little mad to drink from bottles, I have introduce any kind of teat and bottles type but the resul is ZERO. Frustrated, of course. I mad to see him drink only few cc of milk. Sad but did nothing, huft
Sometimes, nanny give him by spoon or glass. But that way isn’t always work. Sometimes he want ed and sometime didn’t.
For this, I just pray and pray a lot. I hope he will stay healthy, happy, chubby when I’m no longer with him on day, and when night come I hope he drink as much as possible to pay off his thirstiness of juice boob while mother on the office.

4.       Nipples blister
On the early days of motherhood most of new mother got this problem, the way is before latch on please apply a little amount of ur breast milk to nipple and areola.
During teething the problem also back again, I really apply anything but if you want take something just buy an organic and safe for baby.

Maybe I still far from good mother but I always try to be the one and strive the best for our little one, I remind myself not to judge, compare, and too strict at anything. I believe to raise good kid, mother have to raise herself first. So be a good one

This motherhood life give me so much lesson learned, I also learned a lot from my little man. The way he love anyone, quick forgive, adventurous, persistence and so much good things.

And the most I really grateful to Alloh SWT who gave us everything above, now I really have the best time in life with happy family,great husband, cute kiddo, become a mother, in Alloh way I can pregnant, delivering, and nursed my son by myself. AlhamduliLah and praise be to Alloh SWT.

Happy world breastfeeding week for all of mama around the world!!!
Because breastfeeding is the way of gratitude -2015-

ps: I'm sorry this post contains a lot of motherhood vocabulary and all of rude words of mother thingy. :)

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