August 25, 2015

Let's say Hello to k o m o Photobooth!

Hi guys, our Prof. k o m o said hello fo y'all. After long long long preparation finally hubby n I officially open komo Photobooth. thought after long preparation we have to say that it must be still in progress because as everything in life there must be maintenance and improvement here and there.

Let me to tell the little background behind, since we prepared for our wedding, we really in love with wedding planning session. Everything was pretty and everyone was happy to prepare their big day. So we want to help them to plan and celebrate their dreams, personal, unique Day and be one of vendor of them.

So What does komo means? komo is short from komodo one of almost extinct animal in the world, then we used "chibi" komo for our mascot. We want to bring positive value of komodo, we want to build business which has strong spirit, unique, and endemic species from Indonesia.

Finnaly, we hope that people will be just as excited as we are in preparing their special day and we're here to help them to plan and celebrate their happy day.

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