September 26, 2015

What happened on September'15

two talented person behind who alway support us on @komophotobooth

Oh no, my blog just got a long pause *fiuh*

just to share my life which been missed out, allow me to write something about what had happened, so I will summarize one post for each month hehehe *sok penting*

Since My husband and I brewed a project between two of us, we really took our time, our full concerns for this and Enzo, we really take care and still arranging for this for that thingy for this business.

Not seldom we had “sweet” argue about much things. Haha
But those are challenges for husband-wife partnership on business and its so normal.

Okay, about myself. I just back to reality which my plant will be started up on October. This preparation took a lot of concentration. I have to work overtime which my 10 months – baby was waiting at home.

It makes me feel so sorry and worry, sorry for Enzo and anybody who have took care of him while his mother have to work. But the support from husband and whole family always charge my mood and endurance back.

Honestly I really “into” and enjoy my position now. I also need a lot to grateful to Alloh SWT who always lead my way when anything seems impossible.

Now, one of our planning (my husband and I) which is having a passive income on business only between two of us is really hereeee.. yay Alhamdulillah :)

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