October 5, 2015

Sister & @komophotobooth Big Day !

On early October was the big day for my sister in law and whole laws family. Of course, wedding party always becomes a family matter in our culture. Its preparation took about almost a year. Since my husband and I decided to launch @komophotobooth on that day, so we also busy about prepare for this and that for komo and helping family to create a very memorable day.

Husband and I spent most of time (and money) on our business start up. After all thing purchased and prepared, hired operator and designer weren’t a easy step also. For the first, we got too “high” designer for our company thingy. And husband lost one of operator candidate. Husband took a lot role on Human resources and operational and me roles to coordinate design and marketing. Sometimes, not seldom also took this role to because this mommy sometimes busy with his boy xixixi

Afterwards we do some trials to train machine, operator, and also user. At first we really mad about the printer, and that what we must paid from not to read manual book. Hahaha

We lost 2 bundles of paper and tint, hiks… But this is what is lesson learnt for new start uppers like us haha. But thank God, finally we knew it . And all even after was run smooth.

So happy for the wedding also, my mother and sister in law did their dreams wedding (of course, ‘cause mother in law took a lot of role for this). The bride was very beautiful and we got a new family member. My boy got a new uncle. Yay… everyone was very happy.

Husband and I also happy because we simultaneously did two things, support my sister wedding day with instant photo printing and of course a new launching for our little business. Hopefully its known by other on soon a new appointment for our new business.

Till I write this post, we should grateful of much to Alloh because our komo always got an event for every month and good feedback from our customer too. It was a good news for our stakeholder also. Alhamdulillah…

If anyone interesting for having instant photo on your special event such as birthday, wedding, graduation, etc.

Here is our contact person 081218668587

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