March 23, 2016

All Season Hotel Thamrin Jakarta - Gojek - Uber Taxi experience

Hello people, I just back from my office business travel two days ago. Finally meet Jakarta again after 4 years (15 Feb'12 - 16 Mar'16). After landed at airport then headed to hotel by taxi, my memories return to the time which I was lived there. My boarding house, my ex-office, mall i used to visit so frequently. Bittersweet memories living at Jakarta always give me some emotional feeling. hahaha...

There, I met some old friends, I also ask rifa to accompany me stayed at hotel. Sure, I hate to stay at hotel alone. It will easier when stay there with friend or husband / enzo it will be fun, haha...

Traffic and tight business purpose get me have to explore in so limited time. So based on rifa's suggestion also, I choose All season hotel - Thamrin Jakarta. Its located so close to Grand Indonesia. We can go there on foot. Modern interior, nice food on free breakfast. Restaurant also located at rooftop so we can see skyscraper scenery during breakfast. I paid IDR 839k per night.

Since I choose hotel near from mall but (rather) far from meeting hall, I have to choose public transport which "traffic-less" so I choose Go - Jek. A public motorcycle - taxi which is mobile-app based so reachable in simple effort. From All Season to Kramat Raya only paid IDR 20k for 15 minutes. 

I just stayed 2 nights at hotel, in the 2nd morning I checked out and went to meeting hall with all my luggage. From meeting hall to airport I must choose "traffic-less" vehicle which has a big carrier instead. So I picked uber taxi, a car-taxi which mobile-app based. Surprisingly, the price is 40% lower than ordinary taxi, yay.. Im so happy. Happy for my first time choosing new kind of transportation.

In case travel to Jakarta which had bad traffic history, those 2 mobile app based public transportation is really suitable. The price is agreed before we proceed the booking process so its so transparent for us and we dont need to go outside or waiting in road edge. As simple as like that.

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