March 23, 2016

Lokal Hotel & Restaurant Jogjakarta

Working out of town sometimes become accidentally me time for me, since I have to go alone,  yes lonely. For me, this occasion should be more fun than what it should be. So, I always ask better flight and nice hotel. It will be good cure for this broken hearted mother who left her son n husband at home.

Finding a good hotel isn't always easy, budget limitation, location, and scenery of course always be my specific requirements. I love to visit nice place with kind of modern simple interior as husband and I really into it. Whether it suitable to imitate or not at our future own home. hehehe...

So here is the review for local hotel.

Lokal hotel & restaurant is one of most well known hotel at social media. Its located not too far from Airport. Lokal Hotel was built among other guest house but the nice interior and design quite nice. Its so - Jogja with its tegel koentji, ceramics tableware, in modern and simple vibes. It have a mural "icon" which make visitor have to take picture with that background, what a nice marketing idea.

That day I got a discount so I have to pay IDR 550k per night. For the food, they have various "homey" menus and so affordable price, those night I order one of favorite menu that is rice bowl "chicken teriyaki - sunnyside up" only for IDR 45k. I should ask my husband for visiting there again. In case you dont need to slep over there, in my opinion its recommended to visit there when you go to joga, sure. 

Next time, I should took my husband and enzo there too :)

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