November 16, 2015

Enzo Turns One !

Yay! this mother is so thrilly happy because somebody is turning one year old this month. What a quick. Time flies really fast, My very own baby already got "yearly" age. To see him grow both physically and mentally, reach his growth milestone till now, Oh, I must be a blessed mother.
Though it isn't always good time such as when he is so clingy to me when he was not feeling well and when he refuse to eat. But most of the time he is my kinda sweet baby. I love him anyway.

Knowing that he wont always be our baby, sometimes I became so melancholic. I often ask my husband "will he cling to us like now forever?", "will he want to be cuddled when he on junior high school", "so until when he don't mind to be kissed and hugged on so many many times?". My mother's heart was so melt about that.  

Dear Enzo, happy birthday. For your first birthday bapak-ibu doesn't give you a super gift. We just want to make a beautiful moments and pictures that pretty much to be remembered. Sometimes we may cant give you a lot of time as other parents do, Sorry for seldom making homemade meal and feeding you by my own hands for you. Sorry for leaving you when ibu have to work out of town, it made you harder to sleep. Sorry have to leave you with uti, kakung, tante, and budhe when bapak-ibu have to work. Just be happy baby, we hope you always has a strong heart, Bapak - ibu is on learning to be better and better on raising you, always. We prays a lot to Alloh the only we can lean while none can do, the only one can complete all our weaknesses and all our humanistic fault on parenting, and give you everything beyond what bapak-ibu can give for you. May you grow happy, healthy, in kindness heart, always being blessed human, and be meritorious one in the future. 

Rabbi habli minas salihin, amiin 

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